Welcome to CircuitWorks

For the past thirty years, Circuitworks has provided critical power backup solutions, products, and services and have assisted customers at home office or multinational firm.

What We Do

The words of a manufacturer spoken at a Chamber of Commerce meeting well sum up the issue: "If the lights blink, and I don't have UPS backup, I'm out a half million bucks." However large or small your operation, loss of power is costly. Circuitworks offers 'clean and green' UPS products and services that ensure, whatever your specific critical backup power protection needs are, you'll have uninterrupted computer grade power when the grid fails--whether blink, brownout, or blackout. Whether you need to back up a  a single home office computer, dozens of network closets, or an assembly line, Circuitworks has the resources to meet your requirements quickly, and for low cost. In addition to standard battery backup, many of our customers augment their critical backup power program with onsite generators. We offer that, too. And, if the solution to your requirements is not on the shelf, we'll custom design it for you! Click on the video to see examples of custom design projects.

How We Do It

To determine your specific needs we suggest a no-cost site survey to achieve an accurate assessment of your power draw, and thus avoid inefficient and costly over-protection or under-protection. We'll suggest only what you need, and offer it at low cost. Additionally, or if preferred, checklists, guides, and information are available to assist you in creating an efficient and cost-effective critical backup power system.

How We Outperform the Competition

Low cost, fast shipment, custom service. Let us describe a real-life case. Recently a financial firm's legacy UPS unit failed. Amidst this operationally critical situation, they quickly set out to order a new replacement UPS from a deep discount internet site. At the same time, a person in that firm's IT department remembered working with us years ago while employed at another firm, and suggested calling Circuitworks. When they discovered, after speaking with us, that they could have a new unit, on site, the next day, at the same low cost, with help in advising what they should have in mind when ordering, they immediately cancelled their order with the distant internet vendor and went with Circuitworks. We had the replacement UPS unit, and necessary peripherals on site, by noon, the next day--and with greater efficiency, and less expense. Importantly, we record all unit and component serial numbers in our database to assist customers in possible warranty claims, to alert customers when batteries need replacing, and for general future reference. If you have questions, and/or would like a quote, give us a call (612-724-7235 desk, 612-701-5267 cell), email us (greg@circuitworks-ups.com), or fill out the contact form.